The Process

The Process

  1. Initial Submission.

    1. Submit your project proposal, including a detailed description, goals, and technical requirements.

    2. Deadline for submissions is [Insert Date].

  2. Screening & Selection.

    1. An initial screening will be conducted by a panel of Chiliz experts to ensure all projects meet the qualification requirements.

    2. Projects will be assessed based on innovation, feasibility, and alignment with the hackathon theme.

    3. Our experts will review the submissions and select two standout projects to move forward.

    4. Additionally, three other projects will be selected for the Chiliz Community Award and invited to present their ideas in a Twitter Space event.

  3. Chiliz Community Award.

    1. The selected teams will present their projects to the Chiliz community in a live Twitter Space.

    2. Community members will vote for their favorite project, contributing to the Community Award selection.

  4. Announcement of Winners.

    1. Winners will be announced on [Insert Date].

    2. Prizes and additional benefits will be distributed accordingly.

  5. Development Phase.

    1. Selected teams will be notified and given access to Chiliz Labs resources.

    2. Teams will have from [Insert Date to Insert Date] to develop their projects.

  6. Mid-Point Review.

    1. Teams will present their progress to the Chiliz experts for feedback and guidance ensuring projects are on track and provide additional support if needed.

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