Chiliz Chain developer docs

Learn more about the Chililz Chain Tokenomics 2.0!

Welcome to the Sports Blockchain_

Dive into Chiliz Chain, the dedicated blockchain fuelling the Sports & Entertainment revolution.
Chiliz empowers you to build innovative SportFi apps, providing fans with experiences that ignite passion and push the boundaries of engagement.

Chiliz Chain in a nutshell

EVM-compatible: Leverage your existing Ethereum know-how and seamlessly deploy your creations on Chiliz Chain.
Thriving developer community: Collaborate with fellow visionaries in a supportive environment, fuelled by $50 million worth of dedicated development grants and ongoing gas fee repurposing.
Direct access to a passionate fanbase: Reach millions of engaged fans across 100+ leading sports and entertainment brands, ready to interact with your groundbreaking concepts.
To stay up to date with the latest developments of Chiliz Chain, follow us on our Twitter or join us on Discord and Telegram.
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