ETHGlobal London Hackathon 2024

Welcome Hackers! Here's a guide to get you going.

Here's your guide to the Chiliz Chain Hackathon during ETHGlobal 2024 in London, complete with bounties and resources to kickstart your project.

Dive into the world of Fan Tokens and sport and entertainment technology! We are excited to see you build innovative projects using Chiliz Chain, the sports blockchain!

Watch our intro video

The Chiliz Chain is the open layer 1 protocol for sport and entertainment, supported by the business infrastructure of the Chiliz Group. was built on top of the first iteration of the Chiliz Chain, together with our native utility token asset class - Fan Tokens.

Do you want to help improve the Chiliz Chain project? Please answer this short survey and possibly win a hardware wallet!

We have up to $20,000 in bounty prizes!

This information is also available on our ETHGlobal page:

Note: projects must be deployed on Chiliz Chain Spicy testnet in order to qualify.

  • As a fork of BSC Chain, Chiliz Chain is EVM-compatible.

  • Our documentation portal, with everything you need to get started ->

  • Minimum gas price -> 2500 Gwei

  • Gas limit -> Some transactions use a bit more gas since our governance contracts are a bit more complex, so if your transactions/deployments fail, always check if they are out of gas.

  • The chain is not EIP1559 compliant yet.

  • Please use compiler version 0.8.0+commit.c7dfd78e

On Spicy Testnet

On Chiliz Chain Mainnet:

  1. Bridge from Ethereum ->

  2. Use an exchange which is connected to Chiliz Chain

    • E.g. Binance, ChilizX

Tools to get connected: RPCs

Tools to BUIDL:

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