Chiliz Chain Ecosystem

List of wallets, tools and projects that support Chiliz Chain

Here is a (partial) list of wallets, tools, and projects to help you develop with Chiliz Chain.

This overview of resources aims at facilitating your approach of Chiliz Chain: the holding, transferring, and interaction with CHZ tokens, alongside enhancing or building upon the Chiliz Chain.


Retails Wallets

Retail wallets wallets give the user complete control over their cryptocurrency.

They require you to be more technical, and to have more knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

Custodial Wallets

Contrary to retail wallets, custodial wallets has the user give control to a third party. This means that you need to trust the third-party with your funds.

It has advantages: Recovery access is possible in the case of the user losing the password of their wallet; it is usually more user-friendly; and using a custodial wallet does not require profound knowledge about blockchain.

Chiliz Chain dApps

Developer resources

Chiliz Chain main validators

Chiliz Chain candidate validators

Developer Tools


Before withdrawing, make sure that your destination wallet supports your token and the Chiliz Chain network.

The links below point to each exchange's page about this CHZ support when available, or their announcement blogpost.

Analytics Tools

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