Wrapped CHZ (wCHZ)

In short Wrapped Chiliz (wCHZ) is a tokenized version of the Chiliz cryptocurrency, designed to work like regular ERC-20 tokens while keeping its original value. This makes it more versatile and useful for developers, similar to other wrapped tokens like wETH or Wrapped BNB.

What Is Wrapped Chiliz (wCHZ)?

wCHZ is the wrapped version of Chiliz.

Wrapped tokens, such as wCHZ and wETH, are tokenized versions of cryptocurrencies that are pegged to the value of the original coin and can be unwrapped at any point. Almost every major blockchain has a wrapped version of its native cryptocurrency like Wrapped BNB, Wrapped AVAX, or Wrapped Fantom.

The benefits of this is that developers are able to use an ERC-20 (or CAP20) version of the native token CHZ, giving the token the benefits that other ERC20 tokens posses and removes the limitations of a native token, while retaining the same price value as the original CHZ.

How do I get wrapped Chiliz (wCHZ)?

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