Deploy and verify a contract


  1. This documentation assumes you have already installed MetaMask on your system. If not, install MetaMask first, either the web-based extension or the mobile app.

  2. For your convenience, pin πŸ“ the MetaMask extension to your preferred browser.

The two major steps to build on Chiliz Chain are documented here.

Step 1: Deploy your smart contract

You can use either of these options:

pageDeploy with Remix IDEpageDeploy with thirdweb

Step 2: Verify your smart contract

After creating a smart contract, it is necessary to verify it.

Verifying a smart contract allows you to confirm that the contract's source code corresponds to a specific contract address on the blockchain. This is crucial for transparency and trust, especially in the decentralized world of blockchain.

Once you have deployed your smart contract on Chiliz Chain, you can verify it by using a block explorer, such as Chiliscan (by Routescan) or Chiliz Block Explorer (by Blockscout).

pageVerify with ChiliscanpageVerify with Chiliz Block Explorer

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