Deploy with Remix IDE

Remix IDE is a no-setup tool with a GUI for developing smart contracts. Used by experts and beginners alike, Remix will get you going in no time.

Remix is available as web-based environment, a desktop program, a VS Code extension and even a CLI tool. Here, we will use the web-based version

Deploy a smart contract using Remix IDE

The Remix IDE opens in your browser.

  1. Click Start Coding.

The editor opens with a simple template.

  1. Open the ERC-20 Smart Contract page and copy the sample contract to your clipboard.

  2. Paste the copied smart contract into the Remix editor. You can rename the file from the left sidebar, for instance token.sol :

You can also customise values for symbol, name, decimals, and _totalSupply

5. Click Compile

  1. Open the Deploy & run transactions section.

  • Make sure that your contract is selected

  • Click Deploy.

  1. Select "Injected Provider - MetaMask" in the environment in order to link your MetaMask account. Your MetaMask wallet should open automatically. Select the checkbox to connect the deployed contract with MetaMask. Click Next.

8. Select Connect to link your MetaMask Wallet with your smart contract.

9. Return to Remix IDE and select Send Transaction when the following pop-up window appears.

10. On your MetaMask Wallet, under the DETAILS tab, you will see Contract Deployment information. Select Confirm if you approve the transaction fees.

Your contract is deployed on the Chiliz Blockchain.

Optionally, you can view the deployed contract on the Block Explorer.

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