Useful information

Chiliz Chain

  • As a fork of BSC Chain, Chiliz Chain is EVM-compatible.

  • Our Testnet is called Spicy Testnet 🌶️

  • Our documentation portal, with everything you need to get started ->

  • Minimum gas price -> 2500 Gwei

  • Gas limit -> Some transactions use a bit more gas since our governance contracts are a bit more complex, so if your transactions/deployments fail, always check if they are out of gas.

  • The chain is not EIP1559 compliant yet. Chiliz Chain is EIP 1559 compliant since the Dragon8 hard fork!

  • Please use compiler version 0.8.0+commit.c7dfd78e

How to get some CHZ?

On Spicy Testnet

On Chiliz Chain Mainnet:

Available Dev Tools 🧰

Tools to get connected: RPCs

Tools to BUIDL:


Tatum (only available on mainnet)


WalletConnect (only available on mainnet)

Magic (only available on mainnet)

Pyth Orcale / RNG


Support Group:

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