Tracks, Requirements, Regulations & Scoring Criteria

The Tracks

  1. Fan Utility Projects

  • Retail-facing platforms focus on optimally utilizing Fan Tokens for experiences in social, commerce, and live events.

  1. SportFi Projects

  • DEX, Lending or SocialFi, whether or not if you integrate Fan Tokens directly, along with SportFi infrastructure projects such as Oracles and transaction facilitation tools, are all part of the discussion.

The Qualification Requirements.

  • Operational Smart Contracts: Projects must have functional smart contracts.

  • Thematic Connection to Football: Projects must be related to football.

The Regulations.

  • Original Work: All submissions must be original work created during the hackathon period.

  • Open Source: Projects must be open source and shared publicly on Durhack.

The Scoring Criteria.

  • Concept: Innovation and originality. (30%).

  • Technical Execution: Quality and feasibility of implementation. (50%).

  • User Engagement: Potential to attract and engage users (20%).

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