Inflation Supply Allocation Addresses

With the Dragon8 hard fork, an inflationary model has been implemented into Chiliz Chain, with a perpetual burn mechanism introduced to balance the token supply, enhance value stability, and maintain scarcity over time.

Learn more about it here:

pageDragon 8 : Tokenomics 2.0

Inflation will be supported by allocation from the following official Chiliz addresses:

  • Community Vault, $CHZ LP (liquidity provider) and possible Shared Security Restaking Rewards:

    • Mainnet: 0x8DE8eeD0db5275F4235D7cc3f808780847eb2ADb

    • Testnet: 0x060eA461Cf7E78A38400dE9255687beb9b2c7298

  • Ecosystem and Operational (E&O) Distribution:

    • Mainnet: 0xe4479067BfAc12750DF05e26301134D01ddB2cdB

    • Testnet: 0x060eA461Cf7E78A38400dE9255687beb9b2c7298

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