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The changelog for this documentation.

June 2024

May 2024

April 2024

  • New Dragon8 content:

  • New sections: The "Develop" section is now split between the "Basics" subsection and the "Advanced" subsection. The later contains new content, showing developers that they can use Chiliz Chain with third-party tools and frameworks, such as Pyth and Biconomy, with more to come.

  • "New" pages: Reinstated the Metamask pages, mistakenly removed during the March doc reorganization 😬

  • Improvement: Added new Routescan verification method to the Chiliscan page.

  • Improvement: Several improvement to the Wrapped Chiliz (wCHZ) content.

  • Improvement: Added partners to the Ecosystem page.

  • Also: Did you miss the egg hunt? 🥚

March 2024

  • Reorganization of the whole documentation:

    • Moved most pages into 4 categories:

      • Quick Start: Contains just the minimal information to get Started with Chiliz Chain. This is for developers who already know how to work with a blockchain in general.

      • Learn: Contains everything about Chiliz Chain.

      • Develop: Contains tutorials and guides.

      • Community: Contains everything to help you connect with others, such as third-party tools/projects.

    • Removed all of the content related to Scoville, our long-deprecated Testnet. Please use Spicy Testnet now!

  • New page: Tips & Tricks.

  • New page: Free online course by Rise In.

  • Improvement: Split Spicy Faucets page in three.

  • Improvement: Added a "Analytics" to the Ecosystem page.

  • Improvement: Mention auto-compounding detail in Stake to a Validator page.

February 2024

  • New homepage.

  • New page: Tokenomics.

  • New page: Tools, with individual pages for Ankr, Biconomy, Moralis, Tatum, and Rarible. More to come, with more content!

  • Improvement: Added video in the Moralis page.

  • Improvement: Removed sidebar links, moved them to the header menus.

  • Improvement: More internal links in the Ecosystem page.

  • Fix: Better Deploy a smart contract links.

January 2024

  • Improvement: Build on Chiliz Chain page made more prominent.

  • Improvement: Added pages on smart contract verification.

  • Improvement: Updated Fan Token migration page, now that migration is fully done.

  • Improvement: Expanded the Ecosystem page.

December 2023

  • Improvement: Update to the Wrapped CHZ page.

  • Fix: Better titles for the FAQ.

  • Fix: All code samples that mention Geth now refer to the :latest version.

November 2023

  • New page: Wrapped CHZ.

  • New page: Developer events, with ETHGlobal Istanbul.

  • Improvement:

    • Made the Blockchain page easier to understand.

    • Made the CAP-20 page easier to understand.

    • Forked the content of the "Consensus mechanisms" page.

  • Improvement: Updated Block Explorer pages for both Mainnet and Testnet, with the addition of Routescan's Chiliscan.

  • Improvement: Added Allnodes RPC URLs to Mainnet and Spicy Testnet.

  • Fix: Removed pre-launch Q&A from the FAQ.

October 2023

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