Verify with Chiliscan

Chiliscan is a service built by Routescan. You can therefore rely on their documentation for your everyday use.

Routescan has three ways to verify your smart contract:

  • (NEW) For most contracts: using their verification form,

  • For more complex contracts: using the Hardhat plugin,

  • For easy contracts: using their API.

Using Routescan's verification form

In early 2024, Routescan introduced a new contract verification interface, at .


  1. In the "Select Chain" dropdown, select "Chiliz".

  2. In the "Contract address" field, insert the address of the smart contract that you want to verify. Depending on the situation, the tool can tell you that a contract doesn't exist yet on Chiliz Chain, or that it has already been verified. If it's neither, further interface elements are displayed.

  3. Click on "Import from Solidity", and add the contract file to the form.

  4. Click on "Verify Contract".

Using the Hardhat plugin

Routescan's own documentation features a detailed guide that uses a Hardhat plugin for verification. This is particularly useful if you're already working with Hardhat in your development environment.

Access Routescan's Hardhat verification documentation page.

NEW: In early 2024, Routescan added further pages for verification in Foundry, Catapulta, and Truffle.

Using Routescan's API

If you arere working with simpler smart contracts, a third-party guide is available on This guide walks you through the steps to prepare and verify contracts that do not require complex build processes. Of note: contracts should be flattened.

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