What is the prime objective of Chiliz Chain?

Chiliz Chain aims to build a secure online community focused on sports and entertainment.

Our prime objective is to create a web3 ecosystem focused on the Sports and Entertainment industry where stakeholders are able to build web3 experiences within a secure network-effect-driven community.

With Chiliz Chain, you can access global brands and leverage a huge existing partner of sports and entertainment properties to create something special.

What is the difference between a Testnet and Mainnet?

Testnet is a replica of the Mainnet blockchain and is used to test out the chain for free, without consuming gas fees. Mainnet on the contrary is where all the real transactions happen and you will be charged the actual gas fees as well. It's a real transfer of crypto coins / Fan tokens.

Scoville and Spicy are a Testnet blockchain and Chiliz Chain is a Mainnet blockchain.

What is the purpose of the Testnet?

The Testnet is a testing ground for smart contracts that will later be deployed on Chiliz Chain. We are offering the Testnet for users to get a chance to play around with and test some basic on-chain smart contracts.

We launched the Scoville Testnet in early 2022 to enable users to test out dApps that will be later deployed on the Chiliz Chain Mainnet. Following external audits, we decided to improve the overall security and performance of our blockchain. However, since it couldnโ€™t be done without a hard fork, in January 2023 we introduced the Spicy Testnet.

The Scoville Testnet should not be used anymore, and is deprecated.

We encourage all developers who have deployed or plan to deploy on our testnet, to deploy their tests on Spicy Testnet instead as it will be kept up-to-date to directly reflect the new Chiliz Chain.

Why is Chiliz Chain not fully decentralised?

Weโ€™ve learned a lot over the past four years about the issues facing Sports X Blockchain adoption, itโ€™s important that we do our best to provide a low-risk environment, enabling us to protect the rights of organisations, this means having a more centralised launch as we find our footing and slowly turn to governance.

Over time, the Chiliz Chain ecosystem will become more and more decentralised as key stakeholders are onboarded as validators to help to secure and share in the success of the network.

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