Obtain testCHZs with Spicy Faucet

You will need a public Twitter/X.com account.

Please note: the Spicy faucet is not currently working, please use the Tatum one. It should be working again soon.

Spicy Faucet can send you test testCHZs, in order to test your Chiliz Chain-based app on Testnet.

Assuming that you're a brand new user, you will have to manually add Fan Tokens to your MetaMask.

Follow these steps to transfer testCHZs to your preferred wallet using Spicy Faucet:

  1. Create a tweet with your wallet address in it, pasting the content of the clipboard. No need to add more content, only your wallet address is useful, but you can use this template if you wish. Once the tweet is published, copy its URL to your clipboard.

  2. Go to the Spicy Faucet page and paste the link to your tweet in the address field.

  1. Validate your request for testCHZs:

    1. Click on the "Give me CHZ" button to open the dropdown menu,

    2. Select "25 CHZs" from the menu.

  2. The transfer happens instantly. After a successful transfer of the testCHZs, the following pop-up message is displayed:

  1. To confirm the reception of the testCHZs, go to your MetaMask wallet.

In case of issue

In case your transaction doesn't go through, you can view and check for details on the Spicy Block Explorer.

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