Obtain test Fan Tokens with Spicy Faucet

You will need a public Twitter/X.com account.

Please note: the Spicy faucet is not currently working. It should be working again soon.

Spicy Faucet can send you test Fan Tokens, in order to test your Fan Token-based app on Testnet.

Assuming that you're a brand new user, you will have to manually add Fan Tokens to your MetaMask.

Follow these steps to transfer test Fan Tokens to your preferred wallet using Spicy Faucet:

Step 1: Import tokens

  1. Go to your MetaMask Wallet and select Assets > Import tokens.


Use values from the table to Import tokens into your MetaMask Wallet.

There are plenty of other test Fan Tokens available on the Spicy Block Explorer.

2. Copy values from the above table and paste in the corresponding fields of the Import Tokens window. Select Add custom token.

3. Select Import tokens.

4. Here, the testACM token is used for the demonstration purpose. It is added to your MetaMask Wallet.

Step 2: Transfer Fan Tokens

  1. Copy the account address from your MetaMask Wallet and paste it in the address field of the Spicy Faucet. Select the desired fan tokens from the Fan Tokens dropdown menu.

  1. The transfer happens instantly. After a successful transfer of the Fan Token (here, testACM), the following pop-up message is displayed:

3. Go to your MetaMask Wallet to confirm the reception of the chosen Fan Token.

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