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Welcome Hackers! Here's a guide to get you going.

Here's your guide to the Chiliz Chain Hackathon during Lumx Hack.

Dive into the world of Fan Tokens and sport and entertainment technology! We are excited to see you build innovative projects using Chiliz Chain, the sports blockchain!

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The Chiliz Chain is the open layer 1 protocol for sport and entertainment, supported by the business infrastructure of the Chiliz Group. was built on top of the first iteration of the Chiliz Chain, together with our native utility token asset class - Fan Tokens.

Event Dates

May 3rd - May 14th, 2024

  • Hackathon Start: May 3rd - Workshops by sponsors and team formation deadline.

  • Development Phase: May 4th - May 5th - Exclusive for development and mentorship sessions. Project submission deadline at 11:59 PM GMT-3 on May 5th.

  • Project Evaluation: May 6th - May 7th - Evaluation of submitted projects.

  • Closing Ceremony: May 8th - Finalist teams announcement.

  • Final Pitch: May 14th - Live pitch at Ethereum Rio 2024, with final ranking and awarding of winners.

Event Highlights

  • Workshops: Taking place on May 3rd from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM GMT-3. Sponsors will showcase their company vision and products. (Given by Altug)

  • Mentors: Mentors can select up to 6 slots of 30 minutes each, over three days, according to availability.

  • Tracks: Hackers can choose to follow the "main" track, which consists of the challenge presented by Lumx, or the sponsors' tracks, which consist of specific challenges brought by them.

Important Points

- The judging panel for the "main" track comprises a diverse selection of judges. The sponsors' track evaluation panel is the sponsors' responsibility.

- Sponsors can design their track either individually or in collaboration with our team.

- No remote devs are initially needed. Fast communication channel is required for any urgent issues.

- Language should not be a barrier. Translation support will be provided if requested.


  1. Fan Utility Projects Retail-facing platforms focus on optimally utilizing Fan Tokens for experiences in social, commerce, and live events.

  2. SportFi Projects DEX, Lending, SocialFi, gamified/pool betting, and lossless betting platforms, whether or not they integrate Fan Tokens directly, along with SportFi infrastructure projects such as Oracles and transaction facilitation tools, are all part of the discussion.

Qualification Requirements

Operational Smart Contracts Any thematic connection to sport and entertainment. Scoring based on: - Idea/concept - Technical execution rating

  • As a fork of BSC Chain, Chiliz Chain is EVM-compatible.

  • Our documentation portal, with everything you need to get started ->

  • Minimum gas price -> 2500 Gwei

  • Gas limit -> Some transactions use a bit more gas since our governance contracts are a bit more complex, so if your transactions/deployments fail, always check if they are out of gas.

  • The chain is not EIP1559 compliant yet.

  • Please use compiler version 0.8.0+commit.c7dfd78e

On Spicy Testnet

On Chiliz Chain Mainnet:

  1. Bridge from Ethereum ->

  2. Use an exchange which is connected to Chiliz Chain

    • E.g. Binance, ChilizX

Tools to get connected: RPCs

Tools to BUIDL:

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