Chiliz Staking FAQ

How often do staking rewards pay out?

Rewards compound to your staking every day – or every time an epoch passes, an epoch being roughly 24 hours. Technically, they pay out as every block passes, and it’s updated on the site once every epoch (= once every day).

On the Chiliz Governance site, your staked CHZ includes both the total amount you have staked and any staking rewards earned since then. Your staked balance is updated daily.

Note that the amount listed on the Governance site is not updated live, but once per epoch.

How can I claim my rewards?

To claim your CHZ, you must first undelegate them (which takes up to 8 days), then claim them.

On the Chiliz Governance site, “Pending CHZ” refers to tokens that are in the process of being undelegated, which takes up to 8 days (at least 230,400 blocks). After this period, your CHZ will be available for claiming.

How long do I need to wait to claim my rewards?

You need to wait 230,400 blocks (up to 8 days) between the moment you request an amount of staked CHZ to be undelegated, and the moment you can claim them. This is called the “cooling period”.

Are my rewards compounded with my stake?

Yes, your rewards are added to your stake. This way, even your rewards can bring you even more rewards.

Where can I see my rewards?

Your rewards are compounded to your staked CHZ.

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