Unstake your CHZ

After delegating CHZ to a Chiliz Chain validator, there might come a time when you want to take some of your CHZ back, or "undelegate & claim" them.

The good news is that you can start this process at any moment, with any amount you choose.

There's a wait-time between undelegating your tokens and claiming them back.

Spicy Testnet:

  • 1 epoch is equivalent to approximately 1 hour.

  • Once you undelegate CHZ, you need to wait 1 epoch to claim them.

Chiliz Mainnet:

  • 1 epoch is equivalent to approximately 1 day (28800 blocks).

  • Once you undelegate CHZ, you need to wait at least 7 epochs (or 201600, roughly 7 to 8 days) to claim them.

Steps to unstake your CHZ from Mainnet

Follow these steps:

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Chiliz Staking dApp.

  2. Click Submit. At this time, you can't withdraw the undelegated CHZ yet.

  3. Wait 230400 blocks (roughly 7-8 days for Chiliz Mainnet, much less for Spicy Tesnet). Once this has passed, your undelegated CHZ can be claimed.

And you're done!

About the cooling period Note the "The undelegated CHZ will be claimable in 230400 Blocks." message in the Undelegate window. Why is that? When you undelegate CHZ, there is an "undelegate period" (or cooling period) that exists, during which your CHZ are not yet available to you. This period lasts 7 full epochs (or 201,600 blocks, or to put it simply, 7 days).

That is why, after clicking the Submit button, your amount of undelegated CHZ will appear in the "Pending" section of the governance page, until 7 full epochs have passed. After those 7 epochs, your CHZ will be in the "Claimable" section, meaning that you can claim them using the "Claim" button that now appears in the interface.

The cooling period technically takes 7 epochs to complete, but to account for the initial epoch's conclusion, it's safer to estimate 8 epochs (230,400 blocks, or roughly 8 days). Indeed, when estimating, you must factor in the current epoch's end and 7 subsequent ones.

How do I claim my CHZ?

You can claim your CHZ when roughly 8 days (230400 blocks) have passed since you undelegated them.

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Chiliz Staking dApp.

  2. Find the Claim button on the validator you are currently staking to and click on it.

As for your reward, since the system auto-compounds itself, your reward is ultimately part of your stake, and thus of your undelegated/claimed CHZ.

The reward cannot be claimed separately; you have to undelegate your CHZ then claim them all, including the compounded reward.

Steps to unstake your CHZ from Spicy Tesnet

The procedure is the same, except for these:

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