Chiliz Chain Developer Guide
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Fan Tokens

Moving tokens to the new Chiliz Chain
Fan Tokens are finite digital assets built on the Chiliz Chain. They are foundational basis of the app and its ecosystem. Until now, all Fan Tokens (FT) were built on the Legacy Chiliz Chain (CC1).
To move forward with the new Chiliz Chain (CC2) and provide FTs through a more public blockchain, we have started migrating them from CC1 to CC2. This bridging and migration will bring more opportunities for developers to interact with the tokens as well as greater self-custody control for token holders.
Migration Schedule
For greater transparency and partner convenience, a detailed table indicating the specific migration dates for each Fan Token is available below. We will update it regularly -- you are encouraged to reference this timetable for more precise planning.
The team remains at your disposal for any migration-related queries or concerns. Your patience and understanding during this period are highly appreciated.