How to bridge your CHZ

How to bridge your tokens between Ethereum Mainnet and Chiliz Chain


In order to bridge your CHZ tokens between Ethereum and Chiliz Chain you will need to have:

  • CHZ tokens on at least one of the above-mentioned networks.

  • Enough ETH to pay the gas fee if you are bridging from Ethereum, ...or... enough CHZ to pay the gas fee if you are bridging back from Chiliz Chain.

  • A MetaMask wallet.

Step by step instructions

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the network you want to bridge FROM.

  1. Make sure the destination network is the network you want to bridge TO.

  1. Enter the amount of CHZ you want to bridge. You should have enough CHZ to bridge the selected amount and cover the bridge fee if you're bridging FROM Chiliz Chain.

  1. Select your destination address (which is where you want your CHZ to arrive) and click Start Transfer.

  1. A summary appears, under the name "Pro-flight check". Confirm by clicking Start Transfer one more time.

  1. Set a spending cap for your CHZ, and click Next.

  1. Review the details, and click Confirm.

  1. You should now be able to see the Initializing Transfer window. Initialization should take a few minutes. Do not refresh the page.

  1. The In Transit window appears. This means that your transfer has started. This action can take up to 30 minutes. Do not refresh the page either.

  1. Finally, the Transfer completed window arrives. Your transfer has been completed. Your $CHZ tokens will be locked on the network of origin (Ethereum), and you'll receive an equivalent amount of $CHZ tokens on Chiliz Chain. You can now view the transaction by clicking View Transaction or start a new transfer by clicking Start New Transfer.

  1. Check your wallet on Chiliz Chain to make sure the bridged $CHZ tokens have been deposited. Note that this can take a few minutes.

Congratulations! You have successfully bridged your $CHZ tokens to Chiliz Chain!

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