Stake your CHZ

Stake your CHZ on Chiliz Chain and earn rewards!

As a crypto-fan, you can stake your CHZ as part of a validator's stake, thus becoming a "delegator". You earn more rewards in return for staking your share.

The prerequisite is to stake a MINIMUM of 0.01 CHZ.

To become a delegator, you need to stake some CHZ to a validator of your choice. You can decide how long you want to stake your CHZ.

Connect to Chiliz Staking

The first step to pledge your stake is to connect with your preferred wallet (here, MetaMask wallet is used).

  1. Visit the Chiliz Staking website.

  1. Select Connect Wallet > Chiliz Chain.

  1. Go to your MetaMask Wallet and select the account you want to connect with your staking account. Click Next.

  1. Select Connect.

  1. Once your wallet is connected, you will see the following Chiliz staking dashboard.

You are now ready to pledge your CHZs to a validator.

Staking CHZs to a validator

  1. From the staking page, choose a validator whose pool you want to stake with, and click Delegate.

How to choose a validator

We will never tell you who to pledge your CHZs to. It is up to you to make that decision.

Our advice is:

  • Find out more about each validator's reputation.

  • Pay attention to the commission rate for each validator.

  • Pay attention to the voting power for each validator.

About commission rate

The validator commission rate is a fee taken from the cut of all delegator rewards. This is a fee that the validator keeps since they provide the service (i.e. running the validator node) so that the delegators don't have to.

For instance, if the pool of delegators earns 20ย CHZ and the commission rate is 10%, then 2ย CHZ stay with the validator and the rest is distributed among the delegators.

Therefore, the lower the commission rate, the more your will earn from the total reward pool for delegators.

About voting power

Voting power indicate a validator's influence and stability within Chiliz Chain, contributing to overall security and efficiency of the network.

Note that more voting power does not necessarily mean more staking rewards for delegators. High voting power in a validator may suggest stability and this consistent rewards; but it doesn't directly mean higher rewards for individual stakers.

The above information can help you choose wisely who you stake your CHZ to.

  1. Fill in the form, choosing the amount of CHZ you want to delegate/stake (the minimum is 0.01 CHZ).

  1. Go to your MetaMask Wallet, verify the transaction details, and select Confirm.

  1. You will receive the following Delegate notification on the Chiliz staking dashboard:

  1. You can further confirm transaction details including the timestamp on your MetaMask Wallet.

You can also view your recent Delegate transaction on the Chiliz staking dashboard.

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