Staking CHZ from your Ledger

It is very straigtforward to stake from your hardware wallet, such as a Ledge one.

Once your Ledger wallet is all set up in MetaMask, head over to the Chiliz Governance website.

Here's how you can stake CHZ to a validator from you Metamask-connected Ledger wallet:

  1. First, find the validator you want and click on the "Delegate" link next to their name.

  2. Enter the amount of CHZ you want to delegate and hit the "Submit" button.

  3. A MetaMask window will pop up. Make sure you read the text in the blue box (it says "Prior to clicking confirm..."), then click "Confirm". Just make sure your Ledger hardware wallet is unlocked before you do this.

Even though the transfer has been confirmed on MetaMask, you're not quite done yet: you need to also confirm it on your Ledger. Do this by validating the action with the Ledger's physical buttons. Once you've done this, your transaction will be complete.

And that's it! You've successfully staked CHZ from your Ledger wallet. Well done!

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