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Chiliz Bridge

Take a read to know what significance a Bridge holds in the world of blockchain
A bridge as we know is built to connect one end to another to enable a smooth transition. The same concept of Bridge is used in blockchain. A bridge is built and made live to the public to enable transfers using crypto tokens, Smart Contracts, or data exchanges, and finally to connect blockchain networks. Hence, it is also called a cross-chain bridge. It binds two separate networks/blockchains to make transfers and interactions easy, cost-effective, and quick.

Chain Swap

Chiliz Bridge offers Chain Swap, which means you can directly swap tokens between two dynamic blockchains without any intervention either from the central authority or any third party.
The main function of the Chiliz Bridge is to encourage interoperability between blockchains and to facilitate a smooth exchange of testCHZs to your wallet.
You can use Chiliz Bridge now.

Use Chiliz Bridge