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Deploy a smart contract


Smart contracts are digital contracts stored on the Blockchain. Basically, it is a set of instructions that run when a user calls for a function from that smart contract. A smart contract is most commonly developed using Solidity, which is an object-oriented programming language much similar to JavaScript, Python, and C++.
Smart contracts are most commonly developed using an object-oriented programming language named Solidity. To be specific, Solidity uses syntaxes similar to other programming languages such as Python, C++, and JavaScript. A smart contract is nothing but a script. It can be customised or reused according to your business needs before deploying it on the blockchain.
Usually, once the smart contract is deployed it cannot be modified. Being a developer, if your smart contract needs to be tweaked or changed, you can consider upgradable smart contract. It allows you to alter the existing smart contracts using proxy patterns. After deployment, this proxy contract becomes a point of reference for all transactions instead of the old logic contract. You can use this concept if you wish to plug in new functionalities or bug fixes as a part of new logic.

ERC-20 token and its significance

ERC is short for Ethereum Request for Comment and the number 20 is denoted as the proposal identifier. ERC-20 is a standard template used to create tokens based on Ethereum.
ERC-20 contract was developed by taking uniformity across all platforms into consideration. Initially, tokens were different from one another and this difference gave developers a tough time. Because, if a developer had to create or add a token, he first had to decode (understand) the smart contract before implementing any changes to the code or even creating a new token. Since, there was no standard template, structure, or set guidelines, it became a challenge to introduce those on various platforms and wallets. As a solution to this vast disparity, standardised templates were developed including ERC-20.
A wide range of standardised tokens can be incorporated into wallets and exchanges today using the ERC-20 standard, and you can easily exchange ERC-20 tokens with other crypto tokens as well.

Deploy a smart contract

​Using Remix IDE ​