Chiliz Chain Developer Guide
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Use Remix IDE

Create, compile, and deploy a smart contract on the Chiliz Chain 2.0 using Remix IDE


To deploy a smart contract, you must apply to get whitelisted first. Consequently, follow the below steps in the exact given order.

Deploy a smart contract using Remix IDE

  1. 1.
    Visit for a web-based application.
Following is the Remix IDE dashboard:
2. Select a New File.
4. Paste the copied smart contract in the newly created file. You can name the file token.sol and customise values for symbol, name, decimals, and _totalSupply
5. Select Compile token.sol and deploy it using injected Web3. Ensure you select the ERC-20 (token.sol) from the CONTRACT dropdown you've compiled.
6. Select the ENVIRONMENT as Injected Provider - MetaMask and select Deploy.
7. Open your MetaMask Wallet. Select the ☑️ checkbox to connect the deployed contract with MetaMask. Click Next.
8. Select Connect to link your MetaMask Wallet with your smart contract.
9. Return to RemixIDE and select Send Transaction when the following pop-up window appears.
10. On your MetaMask Wallet, under the DETAILS tab, you will see Contract Deployment information. Select Confirm if you approve the transaction fees.
Your contract is deployed on the Scoville Testnet.
Optionally, you can view the deployed contract on the Scoville Block Explorer.