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Verify smart contract on Scoville Block Explorer

The most important action after deploying a smart contract
Verifying your smart contract after the deployment is a mandatory step. As once the smart contract is deployed and verified on the blockchain, it is available for users to verify and use it.

Verify smart contract on the Scoville Block Explorer

  1. 1.
    Once the code is deployed on the blockchain, you can view the transaction in detail on the Scoville Block Explorer.
2. Select the Code tab to start verifying your contract.
3. Copy and save the Copy Contract Creation Code for future reference.
4. Select Verify & Publish.
To verify your smart contract, keep the following details handy:
  1. 1.
    Contract Name
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    EVM version
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5.1 Enter the required details in the relevant fields. Copy the smart contract code used to compile the smart contract. Paste it in the Enter the Solidity Contract Code field.
5.2 Click the Verify & publish button after reviewing the details entered in the New Smart Contract Verification form.
The following table explains New Smart Contract Verification form in detail.
Contract Address
The address provided after contract creation
Contract Name
Name of the contract given whilst creating the contract
Include nightly builds
Select Yes to add nightly build values to your report. It also depends on your compiler.
Compiler version used while deploying the contract
EVM version
Use the dropdown and select the same EVM version used to deploy the contract
Select Yes, if you have enabled Optimisation while compiling the contract
Enter the Solidity Contract Code
Enter the ERC-20 script used to compile the smart contract
Try to fetch constructor arguments automatically
Choice to fetch constructor arguments
ABI-encoded Constructor Arguments (if required by the contract)
Choice to fetch constructor arguments, only if the contract requires
Add Contract Libraries
Enter the name and 0x address for any required libraries called in the called in the .sol file
6. Your contract is now verified ✅.
Feel free to explore the Scoville Block Explorer further.