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Link Scoville Testnet to MetaMask

Using Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
MetaMask being the most popular among all the other utilities is more prone to online scams, cyber-attacks, or hacking. Ensure to keep your seed phrase safe at all times.
It is recommended not to save the seed phrase on your computer or any handheld device to prevent hacking.


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    This topic assumes you have already installed MetaMask on your system. If not, install MetaMask (either web-based extension or mobile app) first.
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    For your convenience, pin 📍 the MetaMask extension to your preferred browser, see below:
To connect your MetaMask account with the Scoville Testnet, do the following:
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    Click on the MetaMask icon to view your account.
Metamask pinned on the web browser
2. By default, you will be connected to the Ethereum Mainnet. Click on the dropdown menu to expand. Select Add Network.
3. On the Settings page, use the table to enter the provided values in the respective fields of your MetaMask account.
Network Name
Chiliz Scoville Testnet
Chain ID
Currency Symbol
Scoville Block Explorer URL
4. Select Save.
The Save button will be enabled only when the form is filled correctly using the table.
5. The green checkmark ✅ indicates that you have successfully linked Scoville Testnet to your MetaMask account. Now you can start exploring, customising, and using your MetaMask Wallet.