Chiliz Chain Developer Guide
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Account management

Create an account

If you have already started a node, reuse the same data directory you have created based on the instructions provided in the Install Scoville Testnet full node.
The following command will run a Docker container and run account new command. The command will prompt for a password for the new account.
  • NEVER share the secret key with anyone! The key controls are access to your funds!
  • BACKUP your key file! Without the key, it's impossible to access account funds!
  • REMEMBER your password! Without the password, it's impossible to decrypt the key!
docker run \
-v $(pwd)/my-datadir:/root/.ethereum \
-ti --rm \
chilizchain/ccv2-geth:v1.0.0-beta-4 account new
After the command is executed, you will have a key file stored in my-datadir/keystore directory. This key can be used to import into MetaMask or set up validators.