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Delegate and Undelegate

Delegate to a validator

If you are unwilling to become an active validator, you can still earn a portion of the rewards the active validators receive; simply by investing your share into someone's pool. This process gives more power to the validator as their share to the pool increases. Thus making them more eligible to be selected as a validator. Usually, the voting power of a validator is completely based on their stake in the pool/consensus.
The rewards will only be in the form of native cryptocurrency. It is important to note, validators and their respective delegators enjoy the commission and bear the penalties, together.

Undelegate your tokens

To undelegate your tokens means withdrawing your share at any time. One can delegate/undelegate its token to/from the validator. You can claim the unclaimed rewards even after undelegating your tokens. Depending on your choice, you can undelegate partial or the full amount from the Validator's pool.
That said, there's a wait-time between undelegating your tokens and claiming them back. For the Testnet, 1 epoch is equivalent to approximately 1 hour. You need to wait 1 epoch to undelegate your tokens on the testnet. And, for the Mainnet, 1 epoch is equivalent to approximately 1 day. You need to wait 7 epochs to undelegate your tokens on the Mainnet.