Test Surveys

Learn how to vote through Test surveys


The test surveys on Scoville Testnet are a demonstration of the same surveys smart contracts used on the original Chiliz Chain which allow users to vote on the app. These surveys are usually token-gated with a Fan Token.

To participate in the Test Surveys, do the following:

2. On your MetaMask Wallet, select the account you want to connect and click Next.
3. Select Connect to proceed.
Transfer some testCHZs to your MetaMask Wallet as test currencies are required to participate or vote in any survey.
4. From the Surveys page, select the survey you'd like to vote for.
5. On the Surveys page, confirm your selection by clicking the radio button against the most appropriate / desired option. Select VOTE.
6. Subsequently, go to your MetaMask Wallet and follow the instructions. After submitting the transaction through Metamask, you will be presented with the transaction hash and the link to view the transaction on block explorer.
Last modified 1yr ago