Transfer testCHZ from Spicy Testnet to Goerli


To enable transactions on the Spicy Bridge, connect your MetaMask Wallet to the Spicy Bridge.

Connect Spicy Bridge to your wallet

  1. 1.
2. Click on the Connect button. On the pop-up window, select your preferred wallet (here, MetaMask Wallet is used).
  1. 3.
    You will be directed to the MetaMask Wallet window. Select Next after verifying details.
4. Click Connect to proceed.

Transfer testCHZs from Ethereum Goerli to your wallet

1. After a successful connection, return to the Chain Swap page. Verify (or change values as required) before you start the transfer.

Value description:

1.1 The Home network is CC2 Testnet - Spicy, which is subject to change based on the network you select on MetaMask.
1.2 From the dropdown menu, select Destination Network as Ethereum - Goerli.
1.3 In the Amount field, enter the testCHZs you need to transfer.
1.4 In the Destination Address field, either paste the Account Address you wish to transfer testCHZs to or select the ☑️ checkbox to confirm receipt of the testCHZs to your wallet.
1.5 Review the entered details carefully.
2. Enter the amount you want to transfer in the Amount field and select START TRANSFER.
  1. 3.
    Go to your MetaMask Wallet, select Confirm to approve the transaction.
Since the transfer of testCHZs from Goerli to Spicy Testnet happens in three stages, the transaction might take more time than expected, till then, sit tight!
In case, it's taking longer than expected for a single transfer, give us a shout on Discord.
4.1 Verify the transaction on your MetaMask Wallet.
4.2 Optionally, select View on block explorer to review transfer of testCHZs on the Spicy Block Explorer more in detail.
5. The transfer between Spicy Testnet and Ethereum - Goerli happens in three stages. Once the transfer is complete, you will get the following success message.
  1. 6.
    Optionally, select VIEW TRANSACTION to view transaction on Etherscan.
Alternatively, you can select START NEW TRANSFER to proceed with a fresh transfer.
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