Pyth and Chiliz

The Pyth Network is the largest first-party financial oracle network, delivering real-time market data to over 40 blockchains securely and transparently.

What this means for you

Pyth Price Feeds are now live on Chiliz Chain, which means that developers on Chiliz Chain now have permissionless access to Pyth’s 420+ price feeds for digital assets, as well as foreign exchange pairs, commodities, and even equities and ETFs. These price feeds include many of Chiliz’s native tokens, including recognized tickers such as $ACM, $ARG, $ASR, $ATM, $BAR, $CHZ, $CITY, $INTER, $ITA, $JUV, and $OG.

Using Pyth's Entropy as a Random Number Generator (RNG)

In addition to that, Chiliz Chain's testnet "Spicy" supports Pyth's Entropy. Entropy allows developers to quickly and easily generate random numbers on the blockchain for applications such as NFT mints, gaming, and more.

Through the Solidity SDK, this enables developers to easily integrate RNG into their EVM applications.

Use the following address to use Entropy using Chiliz's Spicy testnet:

  • Chain: chiliz-spicy

  • Entropy Contract Address: 0xD458261E832415CFd3BAE5E416FdF3230ce6F134

  • Provider: 0x6CC14824Ea2918f5De5C2f75A9Da968ad4BD6344

Explore Pyth further with the documentation:

How to use an OracleHow to use an RNG

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