Chiliz Chain Developer Guide
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CAP-20 Token Standard

What is CAP-20? Chiliz Advancement Proposal (CAP-20) is a token standard on Chiliz Chain that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard. It usually specifies how tokens are spent, ways to spent them, and various other factors defining their use. CAP-20 is designed to provide technical specification for Chiliz Chain with an objective to help developers to launch various tokens with maximum flexibility and efficiency. It can be anything from shares of a company to stored dollars (i.e., a stable coin). It is also possible to peg tokens from other blockchains to Chiliz Chain to make them usable in Chiliz Chain. Moreover, CAP-20 token transfers are fuelled with CHZ, which acts as an incentive for validators to add transactions to the blockchain.
Last modified 3mo ago