How to use an Oracle

What is an Oracle?

Oracles bridge blockchains with the external world, allowing smart contracts to access real-world data, crucial for applications in finance, supply chains, and gaming.

Oracles are essential for blockchain's real-world integration but require careful implementation.

What does it mean for Chiliz Chain developers?

Provided you get access to an Oracle that offers real-time data that is relevant to your project, you can build something that remains up-to-date with the real world.

How to do it using Pyth?

Pyth Network primarily provides high-fidelity financial market data. Pyth’s most well-known oracle is Price Feeds, which provides real-time prices for many assets on several blockchain ecosystems, including Solana, many EVM chains, Aptos, Sui, NEAR, and several Cosmos chains.

The Pyth documentation provides a complete explanation on how to use real-time data in EVM contracts.

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