How to use an RNG

What is an RNG?

By producing sequences of numbers that cannot be predicted, Random Number Generators (RNGs) ensure fairness and uniqueness in blockchain projects.

What does it mean for Chiliz Chain developers

By incorporating RNGs, sports & entertainment projects can significantly boost the trust, excitement, and fairness of what they offer.

How to do it using Pyth?

Chiliz Chain's testnet "Spicy" supports Pyth's Entropy.

Entropy allows developers to quickly and easily generate random numbers on the blockchain for applications such as NFT mints, gaming, and more. Through the Solidity SDK, this enables developers to easily integrate RNG into their EVM applications.

Use the following address to use Entropy using Chiliz's Spicy testnet:

  • Chain: chiliz-spicy

  • Entropy Contract Address: 0xD458261E832415CFd3BAE5E416FdF3230ce6F134

  • Provider: 0x6CC14824Ea2918f5De5C2f75A9Da968ad4BD6344

Pyth offers a full set of documentation on Entropy, including:

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